Craig Paul Nowak Awarded Employee Of The Year 2021

Craig Paul Nowak | 11 January, 2022

            Craig Paul Nowak Awarded Employee Of The Year 2021

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"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you." That's the adage that dictates my actions." Every day, I go to work atKadima +JVS where I'm fortunate enough to do something I enjoy. As the Creative Expressions Program Coordinator, I provide opportunities for people with disabilities and mental illness to find purpose while they express themselves and create art. And it's those people we serve, along with the partners and teachers we work with, not to mention my incredible colleagues and the staff at Kadima + JVS, who all continue to inspire and influence me to do my best. To them, I say thank you, because being awarded Employee of The Year means nothing without acknowledging everything that every one of them did to make this past year what it was. Despite all that this world threw at us, we still came out on top, and we made some amazing things happen. Great job everyone, and thank you.#thankyou#employeeoftheyear#honored#teameffort 

Craig Paul Nowak Employee of The Year

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